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Will & Elizabeth Fans
Promote : New PoTC Communauties 
10th-Mar-2011 07:33 pm
Par défaut

Join potc_land !
This land is dedicated to the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean saga!
You can choice one of these three teams:
Team Black Pearl, Team Flying Dutchman, Team Interceptor!
If you a POTC fan join ths community!
You'll have fun!

When apply for a team, tell them of me!
If you say that [info]JessSwann  suggested the community,
my team, Black Pearl, earns 5 points!

It's not a shipping communauty , all pairing are welcome !


a challenge community dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
 Like in all other 20in20 communities, you will have twenty days to make twenty icons. This is a stillness community so animation is not allowed.
Please refer to the guidelines link above for more details & rules
& don't hesitate to join & sign up for the current/next round! :)

I hope that mods will not have problem whith entry
I've read the guidelines and I understand that advertise for communauty is allowed since it devote to PoTC and not against Will/Elizabeth pairing
Those are general

25th-Mar-2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
A challenge , since people are in team but you can discut in tortuga and in your team. Besides you have challenge !
Sorry, I haven't got your comment alert
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