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Will & Elizabeth Fans
Comfort Sought NC-17 
25th-Jan-2011 10:51 pm
w/e kiss

Title: Comfort Sought
Characters: Elizabeth/ Will
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Gore Verbinski, Ted Elliot, and Terry Rossio, various studios including but not limited to First Mate Productions Inc., Jerry Bruckheimer Films, and Walt Disney Pictures. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
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[info]veronica_rich and [info]idle_curiosity for their beta work.

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Elizabeth had continued to cry long after Will carried her into her quarters and laid her on the bed. He had been as shocked as she to see the governor in a boat headed to the afterlife. But, as usual, Will pushed his emotions down in order to keep Elizabeth safe. He was all she had now.

Will poured rum into a dirty glass and handed it to Elizabeth, who sipped a little and winced at the burn before she placed the glass on the floor near her foot.

“Are you feeling any better?” It wasn’t what Will had wanted to say, but it was all he could think of. How she was.

For the first time since that afternoon Elizabeth’s eyes rose to met his. The gold flecks he knew so well shone in pools of tears.

“Never. Father’s gone, Will. Nothing will ever be better.”

His response of “I know” barely made it past his lips before he was on the bed next to her, his arms around her and her face buried in his shoulder.

They stayed in this position for long moments with only the sounds of Elizabeth’s quiet sobs and Will’s rough hand against her tangled hair.

It was as the tears dried that Elizabeth slowly sat up away from Will. Their eyes had barely met before she leisurely leaned forward and cautiously touched her lips to his.

He responded to her soft kisses in kind for several minutes before his right hand cupped the back of her head and he added passion to the moment. Their tongues twined before they both unhurriedly pulled away and, with lips still barely together, their eyes met. With the lightest of nods from both, they kissed again. This time, the heat was immediate as lips crushed together and tongues battled.

The kisses became brief, heated caresses as Will’s hands helped her remove the odd jacket and her fingers deftly unhooked his scabbard and belt. As the heavy leather articles hit the floor, the nearly full glass of rum was knocked over, but neither he nor Elizabeth noticed this faux pas.

They parted for short moments, heavy breaths lingered around them as they each removed shoes – his heavy boots made their way to the floor as her slippers were casually tossed away. Elizabeth’s full lips slid up his neck and tugged on his left ear - her tongue toyed with the small gold ring held in the lobe - as he quickly removed his stockings and pulled her into his arms.

Will’s hands immediately went to cup her face; his thumbs stroked her cheekbones as their lips softly met. With the contact, Elizabeth sighed into Will’s mouth before he broke away – his lips and tongue moved down her jaw to her ear where he nibbled before he moved on to her neck. She groaned to feel Will’s work-worn hands at the odd fastenings of her Chinese tunic and her hands immediately went to the sash tied about his waist to free him from the constraints as he freed her.

The pile of clothing next to the bed grew and soon Elizabeth was bare before him. Her pale skin had darkened in their time at sea, but lines reminded him where her shirt had been open to show her neck and how the odd slippers were held on her feet by a strap. Will made this inventory as his fingertips traced Elizabeth’s curves from collarbone to breasts before his mouth again pressed against hers.

Elizabeth’s hands purposefully moved across Will’s shoulders and down his back. Her fingers slowly bumped scars left by his father’s mercy before they delved into the waistband of his breeches. The buttons had been opened moments ago, but he had distracted her with tongue and mouth as her right hand traced along the fabric around his waist before the fingers playfully pushed aside the placket to tease his sensitive flesh.

Will’s lips pulled away from her left nipple with a hiss of pleasure as her right hand gripped his cock. Before either of them knew what was happening, Will had removed the offending breeches and was above Elizabeth. He hovered over her on his knees, his hands held him up from under her arms, and his hips were snug between her thighs.

She leaned up and pressed her lips to his, her open mouth invited his tongue as her fingers carded through his hair and before either of them knew it, the blunt tip of his cock was pressed at her entrance.

Their kiss was slowly abandoned and with eyes locked and shared heavy breaths as Will cautiously pressed into her. She had felt pain during their first time, which had been several months before their ill-fated wedding and departure from Port Royal, and Will was always worried Elizabeth would feel that discomfort again although they had shared similar intimacies several times since. By slowly entering her, not only would Will be able to stop when and if Elizabeth would ask, they both also were able to feel every nuance of sensation and desire. Even with the fervor Elizabeth had shown, Will was more than surprised when she quickly forced her hips off the small cot to meet his, which pushed him deeply into her.

The pleasure soon overrode his concern and his eyes pressed closed as all movement but breathing ceased and they both adjusted to the sensations. The urge to move had almost become unbearable to Will when Elizabeth moved her hips to invite his thrusts.

As he slowly began to shift, Elizabeth raised her legs from parallel to his own, to her left wrapped around the small of his back and her right knee bent with her foot pressed against his left calf. This change of position made it easier for Will to move and soon they were engaged in a nearly rough rhythm.

Will’s head was tucked against Elizabeth’s as her arms wrapped around his neck. His lips left small kisses along her shoulder with each movement. As his orgasm began, his teeth ever so lightly met the tendon in her neck. His broken moan was muffled by this act, but nothing could help Elizabeth hide her disappointment in the moment.

After his hips erratically pulsed against hers, Will collapsed in Elizabeth’s arms for a short minute before he rolled onto his side next to her. Before she could coddle him, his right hand was between her thighs and his unrefined fingers parted her demesnes to stroke the sensitive flesh before they delved into her.

Will kept up the familiar come hither motions he knew would allow Elizabeth to release as his thumb pressed and rubbed against the tight nerve bundle at the apex of her thighs. His name on her lips inspired Will to kiss and lick her breasts, suckling her until she cried out in release.

Elizabeth’s arms went about Will’s neck and her fingers tangled in his hair as his arms went around her waist and he pulled her close. They stayed like this, on their sides, her face buried against his shoulder and her forehead rested on his collarbone. Will’s breaths calmed with hers as his hands stroked her shoulders, back and hair. As they both calmed from the previous actions, he felt a change wash over her as her breath hitched.

Mere moments after her breathing and heart rate calmed to normal, Elizabeth’s body stiffened and he throat caught a sob, as though she just realized what they had done and that her father was truly gone. In those quick seconds, she rolled closer to Will. Without looking at him, she turned onto her other side to face the wall. Will did not say a word or even catch his breath, only wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against his chest.

It was with these silent actions that Will realized the forgetfulness they each sought in the intimacy was not to last.

Will continued to silently hold Elizabeth to him as her sobs grew to quiet, yet full-out crying. His hands slowly and calmly rubbed her forearms that crossed over her chest as her entire body shook with every broken breath she took and tears of intense pain ran across her nose and cheeks and across Will’s left bicep on their way to the cot’s lone pillow. Elizabeth continued to shed silent tears as Will’s arms pulled her tight against him, her back pressed tightly to his chest and his forehead rested on her shoulder while he quietly held her.

No words were spoken and the only sounds in the room were her sobs and wracked breaths as Will remained silent to allow his love the time and emotional space she so obviously needed. After a few minutes, Elizabeth’s fingers curled around Will’s forearms and loosened his arms’ grip on her entire body before she slowly moved away from their spooning embrace to roll over to again press her face against his chest and wrap her arms around him. Will allowed her to move as she wished and was slightly surprised when she buried her tear-stained cheek against his bare shoulder and held him close to her.

Following what seemed like hours as the couple silently held one another, Elizabeth fed off Will’s quiet strength and Will let Elizabeth do as she felt necessary; the young woman finally fell asleep. When Will first realized that she had not caught a sob in her throat or even hitched a breath in more than a quarter of an hour, he held his breath for a long second and slowed his short and shallow breaths into slower more even inhaling and exhaling. This was done in an attempt to allow her to fall deeper into sleep, for she needed the relaxation and escape from thought it offered.

While he held the sleeping Elizabeth, Will thought on the events of the day and caught himself before he could possibly wake the poor woman in his arms with a loud sigh. This near issue of sound gave Will the reason to leave Elizabeth to her sleep and her tight cabin for the quiet of The Black Pearl’s deck. On deck he would have the freedom to reflect on what today meant for him, Elizabeth, and their fragile relationship.

Before he could change his mind, Will placed a soft kiss on Elizabeth’s forehead and left the small cot. As quietly as he could, Will redressed himself and, leaving his heavy-soled boots next to Elizabeth’s cot, which he planned to return to before she awoke, padded his way across the worn uneven boards of the ship’s floor and up to the open night air.

He had just sighed in contemplation of the consequences of the actions and liberties he had just taken with Elizabeth when he was harshly pulled from the deep thoughts by the island accent of Tia Dalma.

“You did de right ting, William Turner. Elizabeth needs your love and you need hers.”

Will immediately turned around to face the woman who remained a mystery – a strange, all-knowing mystery – even after the months they had shared the same sea-faring vessels.

“I know you’re usually right about these things, but I am not quite certain. Elizabeth needs more than I can give her right now. But I can’t leave her alone. With her father gone, that’s what she is. Alone. I’ve been alone most of my life and I know Elizabeth cannot do it. She’s a strong woman, but she is not strong enough to be alone.”

Tia Dalma walked closer to him and placed her deceptively soft right hand against his face, her palm nearly cupped his jaw. “She’ll nev’r be alone again. Of dis I’m sure.”

It was not until more than five months later, as The Flying Dutchman began to descend under the surface of the Irish Sea following the captain’s chance meeting with his wife did Will let the words of Calypso come back into his mind.

“You knew about the baby before it was even created,” was all he could think of.


28th-Jan-2011 03:04 am (UTC)
Beautifully written as always! Loved the time frame, there is so much story line left unknown with the films- well done!
28th-Jan-2011 05:07 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm trying to continue writing, but I'll admit that it's getting more and more difficult to finish a story.
3rd-Feb-2011 01:27 am (UTC)
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