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Will & Elizabeth Fans
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12th-Mar-2018 01:03 pm - FIC Wild hearts can't be broken
A new fanfic. Whil listening to this song, I couldn't stop thinking it fit Elizabeth, James and Will.

Author: MoiraShipper
Characters: Elizabeth, James, Will
Summary: DMC. Elizabeth reflects on the ones she loved, her choices and what was the best for her heart.


I know its been a while since someone posted a new story, but it would be so nice of all of us, Willabeth started posting stories again... I'm a fan but I've never written a PotC fanfic until now.
Anyway, here goes my first Willabeth, I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Speaking a dead language
Author: MoiraShipper
Couple: Will/Elizabeth
Summary: During TCBP, Will and Elizabeth disagree after he saves her on the Isla de Muerta.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12864230/1/Speaking-a-dead-language

27th-Sep-2016 05:10 pm - Pirates20in20 promo
Will Turner
pirates20in20 is back with an icon battle!
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5th-Apr-2016 12:19 am(no subject)
A new round is now open @ pirates20in20!
In this special actor round you can claim Orlando, Keira or another actor from the saga!
Are you brave enough to sign the roster?
17th-Oct-2015 07:39 pm - Fic: Just one day
IO RedCoat
Title: Just one day (Tempus fugit)
Author: IO
Rating: Not too explicit :-)
Summary: A little love piece written on the occasion of Liz's & Will's wedding. Attention: contains spoilers for AWE.

His touch is gentle.
11th-Sep-2015 01:23 am(no subject)
Jack Sparrow
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26th-Sep-2014 04:50 pm - Round 22 @ pirates20in20
Will Turner
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Will Turner
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21st-Jun-2011 07:07 pm - Icons
Par défaut
20 Will & Elizabeth's icons

Preview :

Rest HERE @ jessswann 
Chloe x Lucifer

Movies & TV Shows (The Covenant, Eragon, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Scorpion King, Troy, Birds of Prey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fringe, Heroes, Nikita, the Vampire Diaries) 52x  


More Icons Here
12th-Jun-2011 07:48 am - icons for shipper20in20
Chloe x Lucifer
Pirates of the Caribbean 20x for [info]shipper20in20 


More Icons Here
26th-Apr-2011 07:35 am - Icons
Chloe x Lucifer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel 5x
Fringe 8x
Nikita 6x
Vampire Diaries 5x
Icons for character_itest & shipper_itest 40x (BTVS/Angel, Fringe, Heroes, LOTR, Nikita, POTC, Troy, TVD)
Pirates of the Caribbean 8x for elizabethstills  


More Icons Here

13th-Mar-2011 09:27 am - Icons for Movie20in20
Chloe x Lucifer
Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End for [info]movie20in20 


More Icons Here
10th-Mar-2011 07:33 pm - Promote : New PoTC Communauties
Par défaut

Join potc_land !
This land is dedicated to the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean saga!
You can choice one of these three teams:
Team Black Pearl, Team Flying Dutchman, Team Interceptor!
If you a POTC fan join ths community!
You'll have fun!

When apply for a team, tell them of me!
If you say that [info]JessSwann  suggested the community,
my team, Black Pearl, earns 5 points!

It's not a shipping communauty , all pairing are welcome !


a challenge community dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
 Like in all other 20in20 communities, you will have twenty days to make twenty icons. This is a stillness community so animation is not allowed.
Please refer to the guidelines link above for more details & rules
& don't hesitate to join & sign up for the current/next round! :)

I hope that mods will not have problem whith entry
I've read the guidelines and I understand that advertise for communauty is allowed since it devote to PoTC and not against Will/Elizabeth pairing
Those are general

7th-Mar-2011 04:55 am - Icons for Character20n20
Chloe x Lucifer
Pirates of the Caribbean, 20x for character20n20 


More Icons Here
12th-Feb-2011 01:27 am - Will and Elizabeth
Here are icons I made for Round 5 at fandoms20in20

Please Comment and credit when taking :)
no hotlinking!
Enjoy :)


Here at my journal.
Par défaut
Hello here are my icons for the new communauty : Pirates 20 in 20 devote to the PoTC's series !!

Preview :

Rest could be find HERE

25th-Jan-2011 10:51 pm - Comfort Sought NC-17
w/e kiss

Title: Comfort Sought
Characters: Elizabeth/ Will
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Gore Verbinski, Ted Elliot, and Terry Rossio, various studios including but not limited to First Mate Productions Inc., Jerry Bruckheimer Films, and Walt Disney Pictures. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Feedback: Please
Archive: If you must, ask.
[info]veronica_rich and [info]idle_curiosity for their beta work.

x-posted to: turningpirate
, [info]pirategasm, and my fic LJ [info]yoiebear_fanfic 


While he held the sleeping Elizabeth, Will thought on the events of the day and caught himself before he could possibly wake the poor woman in his arms with a loud sigh.Collapse )


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